Poverty Simulation

Poverty Simulation 012ADo you know someone who has a tough time paying their bills? Have you ever felt stressed by your financial situation? On Friday afternoon, we held a Poverty Simulation at the United Methodist Church in Batavia to talk about life in a low-income household.

Poverty Simulation 052A

In just over an hour, participants were challenged to make real life decisions that would take place in a month’s time. We asked everyone to play a role so that we could all better understand how employers, schools and local businesses and services interacted with community members in our area on a weekly basis.

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Poverty Simulation 020A

the Daily News and Orleans Hub covered the event and participated:

The Hub: http://www.orleanshub.com/news2014/Participants-in-poverty-simulation-feel-chaos-desperation.htm

The Daily News: http://www.thedailynewsonline.com/news/article_25f493fe-4b7c-11e4-aa0a-2f659355a39d.html

Also, special thanks to the staff from the New York State Community Action Association (NYSCAA), who facilitated the event.

Poverty Simulation 038APoverty Simulation 062APoverty Simulation 017AThank you to all who participated! If you have any questions, ideas or follow-up comments, please let us know.

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