Community Minute Challenge

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your participation in our Community Minute Challenge. The team here at Tompkins Bank of Castile has enjoyed watching your videos. The contest will launch at 6am on Wednesday, 8/17 and all the videos will be available for viewing. I wanted to send you some screenshots and info for reference. This will be good to share with your employees and supporters. Remember – inviting people to like our page will help you get the votes you need to win! Last round’s winner posted on their own page frequently, asked supporters to share posts, and sent emails.

Please make sure to like our page, this promotion begins.

Voting takes place starting 8/17, 6am and goes until 8/31 at 8:00pm.
Users may vote daily. Meaning, encourage your followers to go in every day and vote for you. Users can vote for multiple organizations on one day.

Mobile Devices:
People on mobile devices will need to access the voting platform via a link that we will be posting on the Facebook page. I will be posting this link with every post for the challenge noting that this is where mobile users must go. Desktop users can click this as well and get the same result. Here’s the link as well for your reference.

Desktop Users:
Users should click the “Community Minute Challenge” app I’ve circled in red below. There they will be prompted to Like our page if they have not already. Then they will be able to vote. Again, they can use the mobile link as well.

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