Community Action Shows Off Impact at Poverty Awareness Dinner

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Friday evening, October 3rd was a special night for Community Action. As part of a Poverty Tour stop (, the event acted to increase awareness and bring decision makers from the state level to our service area. But the highlights of the evening were the two stories told by women who formed partnerships with Community Action and went on to dramatically change their lives for the better.

As Jim Krencik wrote for the Daily News (read full article by clicking here):

“Through the agency, Campbell received nursing training and her first scrubs, an educational head start for her children and lifeskills training. “Community Action has been there for me,” said Campbell, who at times worked 14-hour days between her work at an assisted living facility, the Main Street Store and GED classes. “Every time I went to Community Action, I grew more and reached more of my dreams.” Campbell now operates Campbell’s Lil Angels, which has a staff of seven and serves 16 children. She raises two more children, but nothing will stop her drive to work for a better world.

“We may need assistance from time to time, but we all need responsibility,” she said.

Sabrina Campbell

DeeDee Hintz of Bergen had already raised and sent her five children out into the world when she was thrust into raising two of her young grandchildren. Both Devon, 2, and Angelique, 8 months, were in need of early assistance they began receiving with two days of their arrival. Hintz recalled sending Devon for his first day of Head Start and waiting by the phone, ready to come pick him up if needed. It never rang. “A lovely, bubbly boy stepped off the bus,” said Hintz, who has served on advisory boards and the Angels in Action board. “He learned how to make friends, to write his name … the dedication of the staff gave him the tools for the rest of his life.” Both Devon and Angelique have grown into active, healthy children who are well-rounded students who are following their grandma’s participation in Community Action.

“It changed their lives, they just needed a place to start,” Hintz said.”

DeeDee Hintz

We also honored Muller Quaker Dairy as the Sponsor of the Year. Annette Finch, Director of Community Services commented “we could not do what we do without you.”

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