ACT – Helping Youth ACT Responsibly

Bonnie Malakie – Director
Jan Albanese – Program Coordinator

113 East State Street, P.O. Box 325
Albion, NY 14411
(585) 589-5754

ACT’s formation and continuation is in response to Orleans and Genesee Counties disproportionately high teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease rates. ACT has been engaged in comprehensive sexual health education since 1985 and is advised by a Community Council.

ACT provides educational services to address the consequences of early sexual behavior among youth (male and female, 11-21 years old, in Orleans & Genesee Counties. All services are free of charge.

Through the implementation of evidence-based curriculums, based on age and need, ACT strives to help teens:
◾Delay Initial Sexual Encounter
◾Lower Teen Pregnancies
◾Reduce Sexually Transmitted Diseases / Infections
◾Make Responsible Decisions

Evidence-Based Curriculums include: *Making Proud Choices* and *Draw the Line, Respect the Line*.

Curriculum choice is based on age and sexual experience of youth participants. Groups of youth can be organized and held at convenient locations and times. Similarly aged youth meet for an established number of sessions (6 to 8, one-hour sessions). Contact ACT to discuss what will best meet your needs and time frames.

ACT can provide presentations on local statistics, risky behaviors, resources, relationships and family communication.

ACT provides information on accessing teen health care services and where free / low cost pregnancy / STD testing is available locally.

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