CATS Service Expands in Genesee County

Recently, the Genesee County Office for the Aging Announced that CATS was expanding transportation in Genesee County: 

As of April 1, 2011, Community Action of Orleans & Genesee has expanded their CATS Assisted Transportation service, most commonly known as “the CATS bus”, to include two new services for Genesee County residents, age 60 and over. The new offerings are: 1) weekly rural shopping trips to Batavia and 2) weekly out-of-county medical trips to Buffalo and Rochester. This is made possible using grant funds from the Rochester Area Community Foundation’s Muriel H. Marshall Fund for the Aging in Genesee County. 
 CATS Rural “One-Stop Shopping” routes  are as follows:  
Monday: Corfu, Darien, Pembroke, E. Pembroke, Indian Falls, Basom, Alabama, Oakfield, (Elba – depending on the rider’s location and bus availability)
Tuesday: LeRoy, Stafford, Byron, Bergen (Elba – depending on the rider’s location and bus availability)
Wednesday: Attica, East Bethany, Pavilion 
 Thursday: Batavia (City/Town), Alexander
CATS “One-Stop Shopping” service begins at 9 am with at home pick-ups. Around 11 am riders are dropped off in Batavia at one shopping destination of their choice. They are picked up about one hour later around the noon hour and are returned home by 2 pm. This schedule is approximate and depends entirely on the number of riders and their distance from the main route. Should there be fewer riders or less distance to travel, the time frames would be shortened. The purpose of this rural shopping service is to ensure all seniors in Genesee County have access to transportation services for their grocery, pharmacy or other personal shopping needs. Assisted transportation services help people who need assistance getting out of their homes and onto the bus or need help getting their groceries loaded onto the bus and into their home.  
Out-of-County Medical Transportation will also be provided by CATS. If you are age 60 or older and need transportation to medical appointments in the Buffalo or Rochester areas, consider scheduling your appointments during the following times, so we can assist you:
** Tuesday afternoon – Buffalo ** 
** Friday morning – Rochester **
Prior registration through Office for the Aging is necessary to begin taking CATS bus trips. Please call our office for more information at 343-1611.
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